Demand Constitutional Changes that Fix Broken State Government

We Need a Strengthened New York Constitution Now More Than Ever 

The Committee for a Constitutional Convention is a leadership group to support public advocacy in favor of reforming the New York State Constitution.  To date the Legislature has given first passage to two amendments that will make it easier to vote by allowing same day registration and voting by mail for convenience and to an amendment to the Bill of Rights creating a right to a clean and healthy environment. 

At this point we are focusing on constitutional amendments that would deter corruption, provide for inclusive equal rights, simplify the currently byzantine structure of our judiciary and make the judiciary more independent of politics, update and strengthening the education article by providing for a sound and complete education and improve the budget process.  

We have registered as an independent expenditure committee with the New York State Board of Elections so as to be able to raise and spend money to inform voters how candidates for state office stand on these issues and to urge them to support candidates who favor reform and oppose those who don't.


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